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Children's Book Club

My Book Club sessions are a fantastic opportunity for children to enhance their vocabulary and comprehension for exams such as the 11+ or Common Entrance.  We discuss character development, settings, themes and literary styles.  Most importantly, I help children cement their love of reading for pleasure in a relaxed, happy environment.  

Courses run across 12 sessions lasting an hour long and the children are required to read a manageable section of a novel before each session.  In a 12 week course, 4 books will be considered.  Course lengths can be adapted to suit needs.

I run Book Clubs for children in Years 4, 5, 6 and 7.  Group sizes are kept small, with groups being year specific.  

For more information and course prices, please get in touch using the contact form or directly send me an email at: 

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Book Club: Sample Lesson

What people are saying....

Book Club: Testimonials


'His reading has noticeably improved, his vocabulary has broadened and it has been great reading books we would not necessarily have chosen.  I am planning to try and keep this going!  You've really captured his imagination and brought the books to life for him in the sessions and he always looked forward to coming.'

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