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Recommended Reads for August 2020

Mister Cleghorn's Seal, Judith Kerr

A charming, beautifully illustrated slim chapter book by the author of The Tiger Who Came to Tea. Based on a true story about a baby seal that was adopted by Kerr's father, this is a delightfully old-fashioned read with a very happy ending.

High Rise Mystery, Sharna Jackson

This modern mystery is set in a contemporary London estate. The urban dialect is pacy and engaging and the two female protagonists, Nik and Norva, are very likeable. Just won the Waterstones Book prize and there is now a sequel - Mic Drop. Published by Knights Of.

The Disappearances, Emily Bain Murphy

This well structured first novel is steeped in magical realism and mystery. After their mother dies, Alia and Miles are sent to live in the remote town of Sterling. Here they learn of an effect the townspeople refer to as the Disappearances where something taken for granted vanishes from their lives every seven years - the scent of flowers, reflections or the ability to dream - and for which their mother is blamed. Alia sets out in search of the truth. Interesting narratorial style. Another fabulous read from Pushkin Press.

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