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Recommended reads for December 2020

Younger readers

The Worst Witch, Jill Murphy

This is a lovely gentle read. The vocabulary is very accessible for younger readers. There is nothing horrid here. Identifiable characters make this a great first chapter book. There's a mean teacher, a kind teacher, some school girl rivalry, a slightly dizzy heroine and close loyal friend. It makes you feel warm and fuzzy. Kind of timeless.

Confident readers

A Bear called Paddington, Michael Bond

Can anyone resist the charms of Paddington Bear? Written in the late 1950s, Paddington was created out of the author's memories of evacuee children during the second world war. It's a powerful story about kindness and innocence. No doubt you've seen the film; now it's time to read the book.

Young Adult

I Capture the Castle, Dodie Smith

First published in 1948 this is such a pleasure to read. Persuasively narrated by Cassandra, a seventeen year old teenager who lives with her impoverished family (the Mortmains) in a ruined castle in Suffolk. The arrival of two rich young men from America sends their world into a spin. Lovely, easygoing read that you can get lost in.

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