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Recommended reads for December 2021

By Ash, Oak and Thorn, Melissa Harrison

A stroll through the natural world with Cumulus, Moss and Burnet, the guardians of the Wild World. They are the Hidden Folk, small, unseen beings, alive for hundreds of years - witnesses to the changing landscape, custodians of trees and streams and the keepers of knowledge. When Cumulus, the oldest of the three, starts becoming invisible they must set off an adventure to discover why.

The lilting prose, the beauty of every single description made me smile. It's all so well thought out and it's gloriously good writing. You'll come away with handfuls of facts that will change the way you look at the environment around you. 9+

October, October, Katya Balen

This is a book about a young girl, October, who lives in the woods with her father and is wild. She's a child of nature, of the trees, of the animals and the starlit sky, but most of all she is her father's child. Their bond is unbreakable; he is her universe and she his.

An accident will change everything. October's mother must return, an owl will be taken, there will be mudlarking and there will be Yusuf, October's greatest friend. There will also be courage and boundless love.

Sona Sharma Looking After Planet Earth, Chitra Soundar

Another gentle, warm-hearted story set in India about young Sona and her family. This time, Sona is desperate to help her precious planet earth and combat climate change. With the help of her kind, patient family - Amma, Appa, Thatha and Paatti - she makes sense of things and learns that small changes can have huge impact too.

A brilliantly charming series for young readers that seems to really get to the heart of young children's worries, with perfect illustrations by Jen Khatun.

The Truth of Things, Anthony McGowan

Beautiful simple storytelling. Three novellas that tell of the adventures of Nicky and his brother Kenny with a strong connection to the natural world. There is humour, strong emotion and an openness that surprised me. The last book had me in tears of relief and joy. These three precede McGowan's latest book, Lark, which won the Carnegie. A great, great read. The stories are short which is a plus for any reluctant readers out there and they are also dyslexia friendly. Published by Barrington Stoke.

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