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Recommended reads for Easter 2022

Like a Charm, Elle McNicoll

Ramya Knox is lonely and misunderstood by pretty much everyone apart from her estranged grandfather whose legacy is to leave her with the knowledge that Edinburgh is inhabited by magical beings - the Hidden Folk - that only she can see. Add to that a good dash of family intrigue, manipulative evil beings and a great deal of charm.

Modern, inventive and inclusive writing that will make you smile. 9+

The Midnight Guardian, Ross Montgomery

Set against the backdrop of World War Two, this book features a young boy, Col, who is summoned by his three imaginary friends - a giant, larger than life tiger, a waist-coated, food obsessed badger and a tiny feisty knight - to race across the countryside to rescue his sister from the bombs that are destined to fall on London.

Their race to reach London in time will be threatened by the Midwinter King, a spectacularly, horrible presence who hopes to shroud the world in darkness. The spirit world's version of the Nazi threat.

With all manner of magical beings and a very sensitive portrayal of the impact of the war on young people, this book has something for everyone. 9+

Me and White Supremacy, Layla F Saad

This is an important book; a manual that equips children with the knowledge and intelligence to be anti-racist and question how societies can become fairer for all people. What's striking about Saad's writing is how open she is about her own experiences and her constructive, thoughtful and probing approach to this topic.

Addressing white privilege, racist stereotypes, cultural appropriation, and urging reflective thinking and action for a better world.

A difficult subject tackled well.

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