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Recommended reads for February 2021

Younger readers

The Sheep Pig, Dick King-Smith

Dick King-Smith was a farmer, teacher and a writer. His love of animals and his understanding of what children want to read shines through in this warm-hearted, charming tale of Babe, an orphaned piglet who has ambitions to be the world's very first sheep-pig. Brimful of the importance of being kind to others, making this a lovely book to share with younger readers.

Confident readers

Kay's Anatomy, Adam Kay

A completely fabulous book all about the human body. Lots of humour, brilliant drawings and an easy to read layout. Perfect non-fiction.

Young Adult

The Wolf Road, Richard Lambert

An achingly sad, powerful novel. At times painfully shocking. After losing his parents in a car accident, Lucas must live with his estranged grandmother under the shadow of the Cumbrian mountains. In this beautiful remote landscape he becomes tormented by a wolf that he believes is responsible for his parents' death. Short beautifully formed sentences linger in the mind. The heavy weight of grief, loss, fear and frustration always intertwined with the wilderness that surrounds and almost consumes the main character. A wonderful debut.

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