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Recommended reads for February and March 2022

Planet Omar, Zanib Mian

Really impressed with this series, which is a clever mix of prose and illustrations. Omar is a really likeable kid and the books don’t shy away from explaining his culture. Fun, well written, quick reads. 8+

When the War Came Home, Lesley Parr

Set in Wales after the First World War. Natty must move to a new village with her mother to live with her aunt and uncle. Here she meets Johnny, a young soldier returned from the war, who has lost his memory and also her cousin, Huw, who is having a hard time coming to terms with the tragedy and loss he experienced as a soldier. In her own way she will find a way to help them, whilst also standing up for children at her school - by starting a strike - and beginning to respect and value her mother’s insistence on fairness for everyone. 9+

Jummy at the River School

Luminous, joyful and warm-hearted. This wonderful debut set in Nigeria is perfect reading for this time of the year.

It's all about Jummy and her adventures at the River School, a boarding school by the Shine-Shine River. Great storytelling awash with the vibrancy and colours of Nigeria. Highly recommended. 9+

The Crossing, Manjeet Mann

An astonishing verse novel dealing with the refugee crisis told from the perspective of two very different teenagers - Sammy, who has left Eritrea in search of a new life in Europe and Natalie, coming to terms with the death of her mother. 13+

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