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Recommended reads for July 2020

People, Blexbolex

Created by the French silk-screen artist Blexbolex. A collection of images of different people with different roles. There are mothers, fathers, painters, graffiti artists, travellers and migrants. There is no story but the pictures and clever juxtaposition of images create conversation.

Cloud Boy, Marcia Williams

An impressive book by an author more usually known for her cartoon illustrations. The story juxtaposes the experiences of a young girl who is losing her best friend to illness and a series of letters written by a young Chinese internee in Singapore to her cat from the 1940s. Very readable and also sad.

Bearmouth, Liz Hyder

Astonishing writing. Phonetic speech which takes a little while to get used to but then becomes completely immersive. Fantastical retelling of the terror of Victorian coal mining.

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