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Recommended Reads for March 2021

Younger Readers

This is London, M. Sasek

First published in 1959, this is such a charming book. Sasek shares his impressions of London in a series of wonderful drawings and lively text. The book has been updated for the 21st century. A treasure.

Confident Readers

Amari and the Night Brothers, B.B Alston

Anyone looking for a magical fantasy adventure with a bright, light-filled heroine will love this hugely anticipated debut. Amari, a black girl from the projects is such a refreshing, likeable heroine. A completely unexpected invitation to try out to become an agent for the Bureau of Supernatural Affairs kickstarts a fabulous adventure in a new world crammed full of magical beings, opportunity and danger.

Young Adult

The Skylarks' War, Hilary McKay

Summers in Cornwall bring much needed light and laughter to Clarry and Peter's lives. There, they are wrapped in the warmth and charisma of their handsome elder cousin, Rupert, until everything changes in the wake of the First World War when Rupert is drawn to fight at the Front. The family drama of those that are left behind in the shadow of the war, is told beautifully and with warmth. Friendships, love, the art of parenthood, the drawing out of affection and determination are cast in such wonderful prose. The characters are so believable and likeable; at turns hopeful and desperate but always honest, compassionate and full of love.

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